We are audio specialists. We employ a world-class team of dedicated designers, composers, and engineers - cooperatively dividing the task and boosting our potential.

We are passionate gamers. We recognize that our work means nothing if it doesn't assist in delivering an engaging experience, and fortunately, we've been playing games our whole lives.

We are energetic professionals. We work with a variety of teams on a wide spectrum of projects - whether you're a one-person indie developer or a studio 200-strong, you can rest assured that your project will be in capable hands.



The experienced designers on our team have produced tens of thousands of sound effects for hundreds of projects across games, movies, and web media. We give as much attention to the broad strokes as we do the details, and by continuously reinventing our creative approach, we aim to achieve a unique and memorable sonic palette for each and every project.



We pride ourselves on our extensive pre-production process, and we aim to ensure that your project gets exactly what it needs - a grandiose orchestral score, or perhaps a pounding electronic beat, or maybe even just an ambient track to fill the void. Regardless of musical direction, our diverse and international team of composers means access to the right person for the job.



Our team boasts considerable experience in voice, having been involved in casting, directing, and recording for countless projects over our careers (not to mention the hundreds of thousands of lines of dialogue we've edited). Working with us means collaboration with a full suite of professionals, swift turn-around, and access to top-tier, multilingual talent at reasonable prices. We'll handle every step in the voice-over process - ultimately, doing the heavy lifting so you don't have to.



Involve us in your development cycle as early and as often as you would like. You can put us in charge of your audio direction from day one, bring us on board for the occasional audio-related meeting, or send us a development build for a thorough and comprehensive sound audit. Whatever the case, our priority will always be a streamlined working relationship with your team, and a great sounding final product.