Ryan Clark


Brace Yourself Games

You couldn't ask for a better audio partner. The guys at Power Up Audio will go the extra mile to get you what you need, and the quality of their work is exceptional. When we replaced my "programmer audio" sound effects with effects from Power Up Audio, our game immediately felt twice as fun. They are that good.

Matt Thorson

Indie Developer

Matt Makes Games Inc.

Working with Power Up Audio has been an incredibly smooth process. They're friendly, professional, and open to criticism. They're gamers who love making game audio and it shows in the quality of their work.

Chris Bourassa

Creative Director / Co-Founder

Red Hook Studios

Passionate, professional and prompt! Power Up Audio combines expert sound engineering with an unrivaled enthusiasm for their work and a deep love of games. Our first choice for audio.

Mark Baxter

Creative Director

Vivity Labs

Power Up Audio has been an excellent partner. They are consistently able to address any of our audio needs and deliver on tight timelines with affordable prices. They’ve provided us with everything from sound effects to music composition and voice-over. When we decided to localize our animated kids app into 9 additional languages, they handled the entire process, including casting calls, auditions, voice talent direction and post-production fine tuning. After that, I have no doubts that Power Up can handle anything we need in order to consistently create apps that rank at the top of the app store.

Kai Nagata


Deep Rogue Ram Media

As a video producer, I've learned the hard way that a great script and beautiful cinematography can only take you so far. It's audio that really makes or breaks a piece. The team at Power Up consistently builds dynamic, creative soundscapes that grab the audience's attention and hold it. From serious documentary work to goofy spoofs on YouTube, Jeff and the guys take every single project up five notches. It doesn't hurt that their rates are great and they're a joy to work with.

Lee Pederson

Studio Director


Working with Power Up Audio is a dream. Professional, prompt and exceptionally talented, the team is happy to help me work within my scheduling constraints while providing the highest quality product. They dive into the creative process to collaborate and iterate, only stopping when everyone is happy with the result. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, and we plan on working with them moving forward.

Derek Day


Emerald City Games

Power Up Audio are all class, and just the type of people I like to do business with. They went out of their way to accommodate us, and provided top quality sound and effects along the way. Very professional, easy to talk guys who were oozing with enthusiasm to work with us on our project, Lionheart Tactics.

Chris Stewart


Kerberos Productions Inc.

Every game designer would like to think they could do sound and maybe they can, but the truth is they can never do it as good as guys like Power Up Audio. They know their stuff, can actually understand a designer's vision for a game and its sound, then improve upon it. We had a very Spartan, functional sound plan for Sword of the Stars: The Pit, and PUA came in, worked with our plan, and made it so much more than what we had in mind. The proof is in the player feedback - people love every sound in the game, from the interface, to the characters to the music. Power Up Audio is the whole package.

Greg Hennessey

Creative Director

Bluebat Games

Working with Power Up Audio is always a pleasure. The guys have helped us take several of our games and add a level of quality that made them stand out amongst the best in the tumultuous Social Games market. They're always friendly to work with and quick to adapt to any situation. Their experience shines as they often seem to know what our games need better than I do, and they deliver promptly with sound advice on implementation and consistent feedback to help us achieve success.

Heather Adams

Creative Director

Reentry Games

It was clear from the beginning that Kevin and the rest of the team at Power Up Audio knew what they were doing. They've given us great quality sounds and music that have made our game way more entertaining and really helped set the mood. They're definitely very talented, and passionate about what they do, which makes it such a pleasure to work with them!

Kevin Oke


Edit Mode

I've worked with Power Up on multiple projects and they always come through. When you can work with a partner that pushes the game design and overall production value beyond that of their own discipline, that's as good as it gets. This is exactly what Power Up Audio brings to the table. When I need audio, Power Up isn't my first choice, they are my only choice.

Jesse Spink

Creative Director

Ayogo Health Inc

Jeff and Kevin have always been absolutely amazing to work with. They're both incredibly talented and professional, making the entire process working together smooth and simple. The quality of their work is exceptional, and they always make themselves available to the demands of the project. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else.

Mark LaFramboise


Lightning Rod Games

Jeff, Kevin and the rest of the Power Up staff have been an absolute pleasure to work with! Their audio quality and attention to detail are top notch, and their passion for games comes across in every aspect of their work. They very clearly understand the development process and do everything they can to make the audio integration as seamless as possible. I couldn't be happier with the services they have provided and I am very much looking forward to working with the Power Up team on our future projects.

Karel Crombecq


Sileni Studios

I met Kevin at GDC and we had a great conversation about our upbringing of Sierra adventure games. Turns out that besides having a deeply rooted history in gaming, his company also makes awesome sound effects! It's been great working with them, and their contribution did wonders to improve the presentation of our project, Castle Quest.

Josh Nilson


East Side Games

Power Up worked closely with our small team to get sound into our mobile games. Kick ass communication and awesome quality. They are true craftsmen, talk to them.

Gabe Karkanis


RocketChimp Games

We had Art and Coding covered, but no Sound. Power Up Audio took a complete ownership approach to the sound design, building the audio vision to fit with the theme of our game, constructing all assets, and iterating until everything fit perfectly! They’re friendly, truly indie, and are ultimately putting more money in our pockets than they’re taking out. (Oh, and I should mention that they can sure take a Scotch like no one's business!!)

Alex Vostrov


Rocket Bear Games

Power Up Audio are the sort of people you hope to work with when hiring professionals. Creative, responsive, engaged and energetic - I only wish that I discovered how great they are years ago!

Chad Cuddigan


Priority Interrupt

Power Up Audio was my first choice for the sound design in Delver, and in a very short span of time Jeff and the rest of the Power Up Audio team had Delver sounding better than I had ever expected. They've been amazingly organized and easy to work with and my only regret has been not collaborating with them sooner.

David Dent



Power Up worked extensively with Trimark to get the sound in our games to exactly the place it needed to be. They understood the dev process, offered creative ideas and technical solutions, and were always more than happy to iterate on feedback from my team. These guys are great, and I'd recommend them to any developer who has had trouble with sound in the past.

Matt Toner


Zeros 2 Heroes

Power Up Audio are likeable, engaged professionals who are ready to throw their time and energy into projects at a moment's notice. We were very fortunate to have their services and I look forward to working with them again very soon.

Ryan Henson Creighton


Untold Entertainment

I was struck by Power Up Audio's immediate professionalism. They had obviously done this before! They took the time to really understand what my game needed, and delivered a perfectly tailored, custom-made audio track that enhanced my game in wonderful ways.

Ted Nugent


Genius Factor

The guys at Power Up are quite simply top-notch creative collaborators. They consistently come to the table with enthusiasm and an energy that is refreshing and rarely seen among external partners. But more importantly, they reliably deliver assets that meet and always exceed our expectations. Their energy is infectious; doubled up with their attention to detail and creative input, they bring our products to life with audio that has to be heard to be believed. PowerUp is an absolute joy to work with, and we encourage anyone needing audio content to give them a try - you won't be disappointed!

Nathalie Gaulthier

R&D Project Manager

Seven Academy

We had a really nice experience collaborating with Power Up Audio. They understood exactly what we were looking for. All members of the team are very efficient and creative. The result sounds PROFESSIONAL, plus they brought a special touch to our UI effects so our game is more fun to play! We highly recommend their services!

Nick Yonge

Founder / Director / MCS-EOOEJ

krangGAMES Inc.

Power Up Audio is, hands-down, my first choice whenever I need game audio. They hit every beat of a good production company - high quality, professional attitude, fair and respectful price, extremely fast production and straight-up wonderful people to work with. They know their craft inside and out, and it shows. I know I will definitely continue collaborating with Power Up on future projects, and I would strongly recommend you do the same.

Carol Liaw

Product Manager

Quark Games Inc.

We met Power Up Audio through a chance meeting at GDC and Jeff and Kevin's professionalism and extensive experience convinced us to sign with them over other studios for our new game. Plus, as a startup, we wanted to support other startups. They are a pleasure to work with and their turnaround is reliable and fast. They put in the extra time and effort to give suggestions but are never pushy and also receptive to feedback. We would highly recommend working with them and have been referring them to people left and right.

Adrian Crook


Adrian Crook + Associates

Jeff and his Power Up Audio team were the only audio group we worked with that dove into the project in a hands-on manner, fully understanding our influences for audio and adding to our direction in ways we never thought of. Power Up Audio doesn't just mail it in with sound libraries, they'll custom create something that fits the personality of the game or app, then spend the time to tweak it to get implementation totally right. I was blown away by the level of quality we received from Power Up - so much so that I won't consider using anyone else in the future for our audio needs.

Matt Marshall

Art Director

Leaping Coyote Interactive

The guys at Power Up Audio not only quickly hammered out assets that made me giddy as an art director, they were more than willing to engage in the creative process to make work, as a whole, better. Don't just have them make sounds for you, get them involved in your creative process. Power Up are capable sound-shapers and truly care about the medium of games. They appreciate the finer points of the art of game-making and can be a creative force every step of the way.

Chevy Ray Johnston



I used to do all my own audio without a second thought. After working with Power Up Audio, seeing (or hearing, rather!) true pros in action, I can never go back.

Kimberly Voll


Centre for Digital Media Vancouver

Power Up Audio is a team of insanely talented professionals who know their craft and the industry inside and out. On site at the Vancouver Global Game Jam this year, they produced a phenomenal array of tailored, quality tracks for the participants with an amazing turnaround rate. Power Up Audio has a terrific ability to get to the heart of what a project needs to sound awesome!

Gerrit Van Woudenberg


Trackstar Media

Power Up Audio has been amazing to work with. They always come through delivering work of the highest quality. They help us hit our every deadline, putting in overtime and going the extra mile, whatever it takes - to deliver something amazing, on time and on budget. They are the best post audio house I've ever worked with.

Nathan Lusignan


Point Blank Creative

There's professional and then there's the guys at Power Up. They care about our projects as much as we do and it shows in the exceptional value they deliver.

Chris Worboys


Last Pick Productions Inc.

I cannot speak highly enough about the great team at Power Up Audio. They did such an amazing job at bringing the authentic sounds of Vancouver to Homeless that we actually gave them their own virtual office in the game! In addition to providing us with fantastic custom music and sound effects, they also helped us to better understand our audio needs and nail the "feeling" our game needed. Talented, reliable, hard working, fast, and indie friendly... there really is no better option for bringing out the best possible audio experience in your game.